While you read this, Wikipedia develops at a rate of over 1.9 edits per second, performed by editors from all over the world. Currently, the English Wikipedia includes 6,160,033 articles and it averages 599 new articles per day. This amount of data can be analysed in many ways. The best way to get an idea of the bigger picture is with statistics.

This page shows some figures about Wikipedia, analysis of different patterns and compiles related tools, covering various aspects of Wikipedia, whether as an encyclopedia, a website, or a community. Some provide current snapshots and others track growth and development over time. It includes also frameworks and datasets that can help you in creating your own statistics.


English Wikipedia (update)
Articles 6,160,033
Pages 51,515,940
Files 890,932
Edits 974,303,854
Users 39,926,429
Admins 1,130
Active users[note 1] 131,640
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A number of analysis of wiki metrics like edits, page creation, visits and links. In the form of lists, tables and rankings.


Articles and edits


Number of English Wikipedia articles[1]