Veronika Ivanovskaia
Born (1995-02-01) 1 February 1995 (age 25)
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Sport country Germany
Ranking info
Highest WPA ranking27[1]

Veronika Ivanovskaia (born 1 February 1995) is a German pool player. She began to play in 2003, and later became part of the German national team. She was the winner of the 2018 European Pool Championships eight-ball event, and the runner-up at the 2017 Austria Open.

Early life

Born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Veronika Ivanovskaia is the eldest child of Russian immigrants. At a young age she and her family moved to Hanover.[2][3] In the course of her youth, Ivanovskaia became a German citizen.[3] Being encouraged to play from the age of 8, she was not tall enough to reach the table. She stood on a crate of Coca-Cola whilst she was playing, and kept the crate as a souvenir.[4] She later became a professional psychologist.[4]


As a youth player, she participated in various tournaments and national championships and won her first German championship at the age of 15.[3] In 2013, she became the junior European Pool Championships eight-ball winner.[3][5] In 2016, Ivanovskaia won her first adult championship, the German Women's Championships in 8-Ball.[6] She now competes on the Euro Tour, where she has reached five semi-finals and also the final of the 2017 Austria Open.[7][8]

In addition, she regularly participates in World Championships and other international tournaments, such as the WPA Women's World Nine-ball Championship in China and the Amway E-Spring International Women's 9-Ball Championship.[9][10] At the 2018 European Pool Championship, she won her first adult European championship, defeating Tamara Peeters in the final of the eight-ball event.[11]


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