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Greetings! Please visit my page on Wikimedia Commons for more pictures and information.

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You may use any of my images, you are nonetheless required to release the images under the same license. As such, any reproduction of my images, in any medium, must appear with a copy of, or full URL of the license. Attribution of this image to the author (Paolo Costa Baldi) is also required, preferably in a prominent location near the image. No other conditions may be added to, or removed from this license without the permission of the author and copyright holder.

Suggested attribution: "Photo by Paolo Costa Baldi. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0" A link to this page would also be welcome.

This is me, on a cold december morning, on top of Mt. Roraima, in Venezuela, 2800 mts above sea level. A 500 mts vertical fall is right behind me. Kukenan tepui is on the background.