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This template is placed at the top of an article's talk page to request that someone take a photograph for an article or add an photograph (from another source) to an article.

It is not a general-purpose "no image present" indicator. Editors placing this template on a talk page should provide information about what photographs are wanted.


The template employs several optional data field parameters as described hereafter.

{{photo requested

Parameters legend

  • |1= - may be passed to indicate an appropriate topic subcategory. The positional parameter alternatively may be unnamed (e.g., instead of "|1=xxx", the string "|xxx" would have the same results as "|1=xxx").
Up to three positional parameters (e.g., 1=, 2=, 3=) may be used to specify appropriate subcategories. For example, use {{photo requested|1=sportspeople|2=musicians}} or {{photo requested|sportspeople|musicians}} to add the page to Category:Wikipedia requested photographs of sportspeople and Category:Wikipedia requested photographs of musicians.
  • |of= - may be passed to indicate what the subject of the photograph should be.
  • |in= - specifies where the photograph may best be taken, and adds the article to the appropriate location subcategory if there is also a "Wikipedians" category for the location (e.g. {{photo requested|in=Wisconsin}} adds the article to Category:Wikipedia requested photographs in Wisconsin if [:Category:Wikipedians in Wisconsin] also exists). In addition, if |in= is specified with a specific location in a state or province, if the specific location category does not exist, it will default to the last word given in |in=
Additional in2=, in3=, ... up to in20= parameters may be used to specify up to twenty location categories (such as for roads that cross multiple counties or celebrities and others who may frequent multiple locations).
  • |collapsed= - may be set to collapsed=yes to close up the template message box.
If more than six locations are specified (e.g., in=, in2=, in3=, in4=, in5=, in6=, in7= ... are used), the template message box will collapse automatically without using the collapsed= parameter. Specifying collapsed=no will keep the template message box expanded, no matter how many in= parameters are specified (i.e. no matter how many locations are specified).
  • |small= - toggles the message box from standard size to small, if small=yes.
  • |category= - suppresses the automatic categorization if category=no.
  • |free= - if free=yes, the substituted text will explicitly request a freely-licensed photograph.

Notes on parameters

  • If no category or location parameters are present, this template adds the article to Category:Wikipedia requested photographs.
  • To avoid needlessly cluttering up talk pages, it is usually appropriate to remove any unused parameters from the template. A common initial configuration for the template includes the following basic parameters:
{{photo requested| |of=|in=|in2=|in3=}}


Description Template Example
Basic table with no additional parameters {{photo requested}}
With "in" specified {{photo requested|in=the United States}}
With subject category parameter {{photo requested|consumer electronics}}
With subject category parameter and multiple "in" specified {{photo requested|rivers and waterfalls|in=France|in2=Germany}}
With subject category, in parameter and additional information parameter {{photo requested|architecture|in=England|of=the main entrance}}
With "|free=yes" parameter {{photo requested|free=yes}}
With "|small=yes" parameter {{photo requested|small=yes}}