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An old Finnish pack of Klubi cigarettes, with a Finnish and Swedish text warning at the bottom of the pack.
Product typeCigarette
Produced byRettig Group Oy Ab
Introduced1901; 119 years ago (1901)
DiscontinuedMid 2000s

Klubi was a Finnish brand of cigarettes, which was manufactured by "Rettig Group Oy Ab".[1]


Klubi was founded in 1901 and was sold with a number of different variants of cigarettes. The best known of these were the Klubi 7 (Club 7) and its successor Klubi 77 (Club 77), so-called "tight-Clubs" with hollow paper succulents and green-white-colored claws, it was argued, the white kovine people in the mouth and even the notes the design drawings of the house.[2][3]

In the mid 1800s, the tobacco factory started from a particular culture and at the turn of the 20th century, guests require to light up the cigarette. The first product versions were Klubi 1 (1901) and Klubi 2 (1902), but were not very popular in Finland, although the Klubi 2 cigarette reached an export success in the United Kingdom. Success began with the Klubi 7 variant in 1907. The best selling Klubi cigarette versions were sold from the 1910s until the 1930s, where the Klubi 7:17, the Klubi Malta became popular variants, despite the fact that more and more Klubi cigarettes were introduced to the market.[3]

In 1943 the Klubi 7 variant had to be replaced due to a lack of raw materials with a new version called Klubi 77, which then became the all-time most popular Klubi variant.[3]

Klubi cigarettes were produced until the mid 1990s, when new anti-tobacco regulations of the European Union came as a major obstacle. No agreement had been reached about the necessary production technology of low tar. In 2003 the Franco-Spanish tobacco business Altadis bought the brand and tried to market the Klubi 77 cigarettes in a modernized box, but the nostalgic novelty product no longer fulfilled its expectations.[4][3] In the last few years the produced versions were the filtered Klubi 22, as well as Klubi 27.[5]

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