2021 Peruvian general election

Presidential election
← 2016 11 April 2021 (first round)
6 June 2021 (second round)
2026 →
Turnout70.05% (first round)[1] Decrease 11.7%
74.57% (second round)[2] Decrease 5.5%
  Pedro Castillo.jpg Keiko Fujimori 2 (cropped).jpg
Nominee Pedro Castillo Keiko Fujimori
Party Free Peru Popular Force
Running mate Dina Boluarte
Vladimir Cerrón
Luis Galarreta
Patricia Juárez
Popular vote 8,836,380 8,792,117
Percentage 50.13% 49.87%

2021 Peruvian presidential election - 2nd round results.svg
Results of the second round by region (left) and province (right). Darker shades indicate a higher vote share.

President before election

Francisco Sagasti
Purple Party

Elected President

Pedro Castillo
Free Peru

Congressional election

← 2020 11 April 2021 2026 →

All 130 seats in the Congress of Peru
66 seats needed for a majority
Party Leader % Seats ±
Free Peru Vladimir Cerrón 13.41 37 +37
Popular Force Keiko Fujimori 11.34 24 +9
Popular Renewal Rafael López Aliaga 9.33 13 +13
Popular Action Mesías Guevara 9.02 16 -9
APP César Acuña 7.54 15 -7
Go on Country Pedro Cenas 7.54 7 +7
Together for Peru Roberto Sánchez 6.59 5 +5
We Are Peru Patricia Li 6.13 5 -6
Podemos Perú José Luna 5.83 5 -6
Purple Party Julio Guzmán 5.42 3 -6
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.
2021 Peruvian parliamentary election - Results.svg
Results of the Congressional election

General elections were held in Peru on 11 April 2021. The presidential election, which determined the president and the vice presidents, required a run-off between the two top finishers on 6 June 2021. The congressional elections determined the composition of the Congress of Peru, with all 130 seats contested.

Eighteen candidates participated in the presidential election, the highest number of candidates since the 2006 Peruvian general election.[3] Pedro Castillo, a member of the left-wing Free Peru party, received the most votes in the first round. He faced Keiko Fujimori, the leader of the right-wing Popular Force who had previously lost the run-offs of the 2011 and the 2016 elections. The official count of the second round by the National Office of Electoral Processes indicated that Castillo won 50.13% of valid votes, a lead of 44,263 over Fujimori, but the declaration of an official outcome certifying the result by the National Jury of Elections was delayed following accusations of electoral fraud by opposition politicians.[4][5][6][7] Castillo was named president-elect by the National Jury of Elections on 19 July[8] and was inaugurated on 28 July.[9] However, his opposition also gained control of Peru's Congress.[10]

Electoral system

Presidential election

The President is elected using the two-round system.[11] The first round voting was held on 11 April and allows eligible voters to vote for any viable presidential candidate.[11] The top two candidates who receive a plurality of the vote proceed to the run-off election, which took place on 6 June.[11] The winner of the run-off election and the presidential election is the candidate who receives a plurality of the popular vote.[11][12] However, if in the first round the candidate who is in the first place already gets more than 50% of the popular vote, that candidate will automatically win the election and a run-off election will no longer be needed.[12]

Congressional elections

The 130 members of Congress are elected in 27 multi-member constituencies using open list proportional representation.[13] To enter Congress, parties must either cross the 5% electoral threshold at the national level, or win at least seven seats in one constituency. Seats are allocated using the D'Hondt method.[14][15]

Andean parliament

Peru has 5 places in the Andean Parliament and are elected using a common constituency by open-list.[16]


Early election proposal

President Martín Vizcarra initially presented legislation that would set the conditions for a snap election in 2020. If successful, Vizcarra would not be eligible for re-election.[17][18] The 2020 proposed Peruvian general election would be held on 11 April 2020, to elect a new President of the Republic of Peru, along with 130 congressmen of the Congress of Peru.[19] It was eventually decided to be held on 26 January 2020.[19] Opposition lawmakers condemned Vizcarra's proposal, defending the practice of five-year terms.[20] This constitutional reform was rejected.[19]

Official election date

The 2021 Peruvian general election were held on 11 April 2021, to elect the president of the Republic of Peru, two vice presidents of the same party, 130 congressmen of the Congress of Peru and 5 Andean parliamentarians for a five-year term from 2021 to 2026.[21]

On 11 April 130 congressmen were elected in 27 electoral districts, corresponding to the 24 departments, the Province of Lima, the Constitutional Province of Callao and residents living abroad.[21][12]

The elected congressmen will be sworn in and assume office no later than 27 July 2021; the constitutional president of the Republic and his elected vice presidents will do so on 28 July 2021.[22]

Presidential nominations

Main presidential nominees

Presidential tickets
Go on Country – Social Integration Party National Victory Popular Force Popular Action Together for Peru Podemos Perú
Avanza País 2021.jpg
Victoria Nacional logo.svg
Fuerza popular.svg
Acción Popular.png
Logo juntos por el Peru.svg
Logo Podemos Perú.png
Hernando de Soto George Forsyth Keiko Fujimori Yonhy Lescano Verónika Mendoza Daniel Urresti
Hernando de Soto (cropped).jpg
George Forsyth Sommer.jpg
Keiko Fujimori in Government Palace in 2017.jpg
Yonhy Lescano 2012 (cropped).jpg
Verónika Mendoza Frisch.jpg
Daniel Urresti.jpg
President of the Institute Liberty and Democracy
Mayor of La Victoria
Member of Congress
From Lima
Member of Congress
From Puno / Lima
Member of Congress
From Cuzco
Member of Congress
From Lima
Running mates
1st: Corinne Flores
2nd: Jaime Salomón
1st: Patricia Arévalo
2nd: Jorge Chávez Álvarez
1st: Luis Galarreta
2nd: Patricia Juárez
1st: Gisela Tipe
2nd: Luis Alberto Velarde
1st: José Antonio de Echave
2nd: Luzmila Ayay
1st: María Teresa Cabrera
2nd: Wilbert Portugal
Alliance for Progress Free Peru Purple Party Peruvian Nationalist Party Popular Renewal We Are Peru
Alianza para el Progreso Peru.svg
Partido Político Nacional Perú Libre.png
Logo Partido Morado.png
Logo - Partido Nacionalista Peruano.svg
Logo de Renovación Popular (Perú).png
Logo Partido Democrático Somos Perú.svg
César Acuña Pedro Castillo Julio Guzmán Ollanta Humala Rafael López Aliaga Daniel Salaverry
César Acuña Peralta - CAP.jpg
Pedro Castillo.jpg
Julio Guzmán en La Encerrona.png
Ollanta Humala Tasso.jpg
Rafael López Aliaga.jpg
Daniel E. Salaverry Villa.jpg
Governor of La Libertad
Schoolteacher, union organizer
from Cajamarca
Secretary General of the Office of the Prime Minister
President of Peru
Lima City Councilman
Member of Congress
From La Libertad
Running mates
1st: Carmen Omonte
2nd: Luis Iberico
1st: Dina Boluarte
2nd: Vladimir Cerrón
1st: Flor Pablo
2nd: Francisco Sagasti
1st: Ana María Salinas
2nd: Alberto Otárola
1st: Neldy Mendoza
2nd: Jorge Montoya
1st: Matilde Fernández
2nd: Jorge Pérez Flores